Ch Gamegards Limited Edition CD PT HIC CGC TDI, ARC Gold Sire

Call name Teddy

Born May 24, 1991

Owned by Cathleen A. Rubens

Bred by Victoria F. Weaver

Teddy was my heart. Dogs come and go, they each take a bit of us with them. Teddy’s paw prints are forever on my soul. He was best known as a sire, obtaining his ARC Gold Sire award. He was also a great therapy dog visiting 24 hour childrens’ home; and, a herding dog when Rottweilers were just starting in that venue. Some of Teddy’s semen is stored for the future…to bring back the past.

Teddy hr 001

V-1 Am CH Gamegards Limited Edition CD PT HIC CGC TDI, ARC Gold Sire was the sire of the following titled offspring (please forgive me and let me know if I have omitted any):
U-CD SilverHill’s Kiss of an Angel, VCD2, UD, TC, AX, OAJ, CGC V
Can CH Silverhill’s Riopelle Chafard
CH Blackrocks EzekielTheProphet
CH Blackrocks Eyewittness CD
CH Blackrocks Escort CDX
CH Blackrocks Elektra CGC
CH Blackrocks Energizer CD
Blackrocks Excalibar CDXTDI CGC
CH Blackrocks Ezekiel the Prophet
V1 BISS Am CH Blackrock’s Empire Strikes CD
CH Blackrocks Escort CD, CGC, HIC
CH Blackrocks Easy Rider CD CGC
CH Gamegards Remington Steal CD
CH Gamegard’s R Victoria’s Secret
CH Gamegards Racketeer
Am/Can CH Kreekside’s Constant Craving
Can CH Chafard’s Alpha v Jaydy
CH SilverHill’s Joyous Occasion
CH SilverHill’s Teddy’s Tootsie
Von Gailingen’s Armored Truck CD TDI and Delta Society serving at the UNC children’s hospital
CH Windrift Fateful Trip
Can Ch Chafard’s Amour de KC V Jaydy